VAT recovery in Fuell is an additional service that is not offered by Fuell, but by a partner, and although it is called that way, it should be pointed out that it is invoice recovery for the subsequent recovery of VAT. 👈

The activation of the service has to be requested by the account administrator and, once activated, the way it works is as follows:

  1. The user completes the transaction in Fuell by uploading the corresponding receipt associated with it.

  2. At 00.00 hours we send the information on the platform, and our partner begins the search for the corresponding invoice, provided that the merchant is in the network of merchants with which it has an agreement.

  3. If the invoice is found, it will be attached to the corresponding transaction in Fuell and a monthly summary of the activity will be sent.

Even if this service is activated, there is always the possibility to tick "I don't want to get an invoice" ❌ and therefore the transaction will not be included in this process. 😄

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