We will show you two ways to add new users to your Fuell account depending on the number of users you want to invite. Please note that only an "admin" user will be able to invite new users to the platform.

1. Normal upload (ideal for a small number of users)

These are the simple steps to follow to add users to your Fuell account:

  • Log in to your account through your browser (you will need to do this through the web).

  • Go to the Users menu.

  • Click on the Invite Users button.

  • Complete the form with the requested fields.

  • Click on Invite.

And you're done! 👏

Invited users will receive an automatic email from Fuell to complete the registration to the indicated email.

2. Mass upload (recommended for a large number of users)

In case you want to add many users simultaneously, we will show you a more comfortable way than doing one by one.

  • Click on the Mass Upload button (in the user panel).

  • Download the excel template, complete it and upload it to Fuell (drag or select).

  • A list of all users will be automatically generated so you can review it before sending the invitations.

And that's it! 😃

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