Once you have created a budget (which can only be done by the account administrator), you can allocate money to different owners and members.

The same user can have funds in several budgets, being able to choose from which of them they want to pay. Once money has been assigned to a user, he/ she will receive a notification from the App, and from that moment on they can spend it with their physical and virtual cards. 😃

How to allocate money?

It should be noted that this allocation can only be done by users with administrator role or owners of the budget in question by following the steps below:

  • Click on a specific budget.

  • Go to the Members tab of the budget and edit the amount allocated by clicking on the gray space with a blue pencil.

  • It is important that it is added as a budget member. If not, you will have to add it first.

  • To save click outside the gray box or click the tic icon.

  • Once saved, a notification will pop up.

Summary view of all assignments of a user

The administrator has a single view of all the assignments of different budgets of the same user. To do this, you must click on any user from the Users menu and then go to the Budgets tab. 👈

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