When a new user is added to Fuell as an administrator or regular user, he/ she will automatically receive an invitation to the email address indicated.

When he/ she completes this invitation, a physical card will be automatically issued and will arrive at the address indicated by the user (the one indicated by default for the sending of cards by the company, or another personalized one). 📩

In case you want to replace your current physical card (due to loss, theft, etc.), please contact us via chat.

If you are here for the first case, and you want to learn how to add users, follow these simple steps. Please note that only a person with administrator role can invite new users to the platform.

Card delivery times vary depending on the destination, and are as follows:

  • Spain: 4/7 working days.

  • Germany: 6/7 working days.

  • United Kingdom: 6/7 working days.

  • Italy: 6/7 working days.

If the stipulated deadline has been met, please contact us via chat. We will be happy to help you! 😃

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