You're going to love this! 😃 According to our estimates, each company can save around 50 minutes per employee + 18 minutes in administration per month. For a company of 100 employees this would be 170 working days per year.

There is an immovable reality that days follow nights and spring follows winter, and that is that after incurring a corporate expense, most employees are required to make an expense report. These reports, intended for the finance department, usually include details such as the date of the expense, the money spent and a justification for the expense.

It is common for this expense report to be completed by the employee as part of their regular duties, but have you ever stopped to think about all the time it takes to complete them? ⏰

  • First you have to ask for permission to do it (unless you have it beforehand).

  • Ask for an ad hoc invoice to be drawn up with your company details.

  • Remember to keep the receipt or invoice (how many of them do we lose along the way!).

  • Fill in the report.

  • And finally, get it to the finance department so that they can return the money to the person who paid it in advance.

Another difficult factor to deal with in reporting is all those unforeseen, inappropriate or fraudulent expenses that are not easily detected on a day-to-day basis.

Fuell corporate cards allow you to know where your company's money is going at all times.

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