Fuell is the first corporate smart card. With Fuell you can say goodbye to employee expense reports, control your budgets live and much more. Sound interesting? Get your Fuell corporate cards now. 😄

Say goodbye to expense reports, card sharing and reimbursing funds

When employees make a payment with their Fuell card, they instantly receive a notification on their mobile phone and simply take a photo of the receipt or invoice. This completely avoid evenings spent running expense reports in Excel, or other tools such as Captio or Concur. In addition, the company can monitor expenses in real time.

We calculate that every month you save on average 50 minutes per employee + 18 minutes of administration + motivation of your team. For a company of 100 employees, that means 170 working days lost every year. 👈

Budgets that update themselves

Stop updating budgets by hand. From Fuell's web platform you can create budgets and allocate some of that money to different employees. Employees can only spend the allocated limit and when they make transactions, the budgets will update themselves. You will have flexible control over your company's funds with full transparency 😉.

Easy and automatic accounting

Reconciliation with Fuell is extremely simple. As mentioned above, when an employee makes a payment with the Fuell card, they receive a notification on their mobile phone, take a photo of the receipt or invoice and categorise the transaction.

From that moment on, each transaction already has its receipt or invoice attached (Fuell is a software approved by the Tax Agency, so you do not have to save the physical document) and other data such as the category, the amount in euros, business name, VAT number, tax base, tax rate, and other fields that the company wants to create for its accounting.

Send and request funds instantly. Fuell includes a Bizum for businesses.

The owners of each budget can allocate funds to their team on a daily, monthly, annual or one-off basis. But if a team member needs extra money at any time, they can request it from you and you can grant it instantly through the App. 👏

Virtual cards

With Fuell you can issue different virtual cards for different online expenses or subscriptions. This allows you to have your expenses much better organised, to have more control and, of course, more security. ✅

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