Fuell has become one of the star solutions for many companies, helping in the management of expenses and VAT recovery.

More and more companies are opting to digitalise their processes, focusing on the wellbeing of their employees, and Fuell is helping them to achieve this. 😃

How does Fuell protect you against fraud?

Corporate cards are issued in accordance with the license of Mastercard® International and the Bank of Spain. The issuer of Fuell's cards is Pecunia Card EDE, a recognised regulated credit institution with which everything from traditional banks to the latest start-ups work.

In addition, Fuell uses a 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to protect your personal and corporate data at all times. We also have the approval of the Tax Agency, which allows you to get rid of the ticket once you take the photograph from the App.

Where is the money I transfer to Fuell deposited?

Company funds are deposited in a Banco Sabadell account, totally independent from Fuell and operated solely by Pecunia Card EDE.

What type of cards are used at Fuell?

Fuell cards are corporate debit cards, issued by Mastercard with Redsys and Pecunia fraud prevention systems to guarantee the security of all transactions. They are also one of the few cards in Spain that use degradable PVC, so they are also environmentally friendly. 🌱

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